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A.S. Robinson Law offers flat fee Legal Consultations to address specific preliminary legal matters and provide Clients with information and guidance on how to proceed in addressing the same.  To schedule a Consultation, complete the following information and click Pay Now  to purchase and propose a meeting time via PayPal.*  You will be able to review pricing options prior to checkout.

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* This payment is for an initial Consultation only and no further obligation is incurred by either party as a result.  If and when A.S. Robinson Law is retained to assist in your matter, a formal Retainer Agreement will be executed.  All confidential information shared during this Consultation, however, shall be maintained as such in keeping with the Rules of Professional Responsibility.  An Estate Planning Home Visit consultation is available in a limited area only.



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A.S. Robinson Law

1341 H Street NE - Suite 201

Washington, DC 20002


240-360-1550 (voice)


Serving DC and Maryland

since 2005.

Core Qualifications:

* Dedicated to providing the highest level of professional services since 2005.

* Focus on asset protection and limiting liability exposure.

* Communication of legal concepts in easy to understand terms.

* Up-to-date knowledge of laws in each jurisdiction served.

* Personalized, responsive service.

* Current IT capabilities.

* Green Business practices.

* Competitive rates.

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