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You Own a Business.  You Need a Lawyer.


A.S. Robinson Law offers personalized legal counseling to companies and individuals in a variety of areas including Business, Intellectual Property, Contracts and Civil Litigation.  The Firm's goal is to partner with its Clients in addressing legal issues in an informed, service-oriented manner to help them navigate some of today's more complex and dynamic areas of the law. To that end, the Firm is staffed by professionals with business and technical backgrounds to complement their legal expertise and rival the offerings of national firms.


As firm Principal, Attorney Angela Robinson takes an entrepreneurial approach to legal counseling and ensures that all Clients understand the legal issues affecting them.  Moreover, her team stays by Clients as they implement appropriate responses to every opportunity presented and any problem confronted.  This might entail pushing for more favorable contract terms, developing sound corporate governance practices or implementing 21st century branding strategies.  In all cases, a Client's success is a firm accomplishment.

A.S. Robinson Law handles matters in the District of Columbia and Maryland, as well as before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office and other federal agencies for Clients nationwide.  Explore our website to learn more about A.S. Robinson Law.  Contact us to discuss any specific situation to see how we may assist you with your legal needs.

A.S. Robinson Law

1341 H Street NE - Suite 201

Washington, DC 20002


240-360-1550 (voice)


Serving DC and Maryland

since 2005.

Core Qualifications:

* Dedicated to providing the highest level of professional services since 2005.

* Focus on asset protection and limiting liability exposure.

* Communication of legal concepts in easy to understand terms.

* Up-to-date knowledge of laws in each jurisdiction served.

* Personalized, responsive service.

* Current IT capabilities.

* Green Business practices.

* Competitive rates.

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